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Are You Ready for Greater Access to Fiber-based Internet?

Help us get fiber to YOU!  Show your interest by completing the form on the right. 

 Speed and bandwidth are like hard drive capacity.  Whatever you have you'll use up.  Whether you're streaming 4k HD video, live TV, video conferencing or online classes, fiber optics is the most reliable way to access the Internet.  Period.  Question is, can your devices keep up?

    STEP 1:  Check out our “Fiber Areas” tab above to see where we have fiber and where we may build fiber in the future.

    STEP 2:  Get your name on the Interested list today!  Enter your information into the form on the right.  

    STEP 3:  Help spread the word; encourage others register too!  The more interest we get the more likely we can expand!

    STEP 4:  Watch the "updates" tab above for the latest information and be sure to like and share on Facebook and Twitter.

    For questions about residential or commercial services, call us at (918) 366-8000.

    If you prefer to have a residential Customer Service Specialist contact you, please click HERE. 

    If you prefer to have a business Sales Rep contact you, please click HERE.

    DID YOU KNOW......In 2015, a report funded in part by the Fiber to the Home Council, showed that homes with gigabit availability have average values that are about 3.1 percent higher than those in areas without fiber connectivity.

    Residential Fiber Internet-Prime 60


    Mean, lean and data rich.  A dose of 60 Mbps Prime Grade Internet dishes out enough power for your online experiences to fly.

    500GB bandwidth allowance.  

    Residential Fiber Internet Whole Flippin Cow 100


    Feed your entire family's  need for speed with up to 100 Mbps of fiber fed Internet.  Even during peak usage times, this heavy hitter will satisfy your HD movie streaming in multiple rooms of your house so everyone can be online with ease.  

    1TB bandwidth allowance (don't know what a Terabyte means?  It means you won't go hungry.  Ever).

    Residential Fiber Internet The Big Gig 1,000

    $99     UNLIMITED DATA!

    It takes fiber, all the way to your home, to get a gig so this one's for our Fiber-to-the-Home residents only.  See map HERE of all our fiber developments.  The Big Gig gives you freedom to stream and download HD content on all your devices at once, with 
    -Saves on mobile data too!  Connect devices to your home WiFi.

    Business Class Fiber Internet

    Our standard business packages include 50 x 10 all the way up to 200 x 40.  We also have customized packages up to 10 Gb!  .  Please click HERE for more information or call (918) 366-8000  

    Please click HERE if you would like a Sales Rep to contact you about this or any of our Business services listed below.

    Commercial Telephone Service

    Business phone includes:  caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, call forwarding, anonymous call rejection, speed dial options, do not disturb, hunt groups, call park, auto recall, auto callback, call transfer.

    Multi-line discounts and reduced LD rates when purchased in bulk.

    Hosted Business Phone Systems

    Customized for your business. 

    Multi-Location Data Network

    Customized for your business. 

    Other Advanced Services

    Includes:  Fax Mail and Conference Bridge

    For more information on these services, please click HERE.

    Fiber Areas - Available

    Fiber-to-the-Home and Business. Register today!

    Fiber Areas & Future Builds

    Register Your Service Interest Today!

    Update on 161st and Peoria Residential area - conversion to fiber

    11:32am February 21, 2018

    We will be discussing this area during our Board Meeting tomorrow, 2/22, and expect to have an official update for you on fiber construction very soon!

    New Potential Fiber Residential Area is Open for Registration!

    3:50pm October 31, 2017

    We recently opened up a residential area on Peoria and S. 161st St (including areas a bit north and a bit south of that).  If we get at least 45 supporters to register their interest on this site, we will build fiber to that area and all the homes will have access to fiber based Internet services with speeds up to 1 Gigabit.

    We are now accepting registrations for residential Internet in Haskell!

    5:07pm September 25, 2017

    If you live in the Haskell, OK area and are interested in fiber based Internet to your home, please input your address in the area to the right, then complete the information and submit the form.

    How It Works

    5:09pm August 10, 2017

    If you are interested in having fiber to your home or business please register so we'll know you're interested.  We will build our fiber to the areas with the most interest.

    Fiber Construction in Tulsa Continues

    2:54pm August 8, 2017

    We will be continuing to build fiber to businesses in the "Coming Soon" Tulsa zone.  Please register your interest on this site.   The interest level may determine where we build next!

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    BTC Broadband - mark chumbley

    12:10pm July 13, 2018

    mark chumbley

    Thank you very much! I think I speak for everyone in this area when i say thank you so much for the opportunity to have internet brought to our area. We have waited a long time for internet and not only are we going to get internet but the best service providers out there. Thanks again - mark chumbley

    BTC Broadband - BTC Broadband

    8:43am June 21, 2018

    BTC Broadband
    Campaign Owner

    Good morning again Mark, After talking with our CEO and COO, we are very hopeful we can start this project this summer, however it may be later than the end of this month. We have all resources deployed working as fast as we can and your project is most definitely in the pipeline! You all have been very patient and we are extremely grateful for that. Should there be any more updates regarding this project we will let you know here as soon as they are made available to us!

    BTC Broadband - BTC Broadband

    2:21pm June 20, 2018

    BTC Broadband
    Campaign Owner

    Hi Mark, Thanks for reaching out! Our engineering crew has informed us you all are on the construction schedule for late this quarter but we cannot confirm a start date. We will check with them again and try to narrow it down more for you. We know you all are ready! Thank you.

    BTC Broadband - BTC Broadband

    2:19pm June 20, 2018

    BTC Broadband
    Campaign Owner

    Hi Isaac, Thank you for reaching out! We wish we could get service to you and we never say never. But.... there are many factors - economic, geographic and otherwise - that influence where we place residential fiber. For the last decade or so, that has primarily been new construction developments in our service area. That said, we started this fiber demand website to see if there were any areas that have virtually all the neighbors in agreement they'd use our fiber service if it was available. We've received a ton of responses but, as yet, only one area has registered over 100% of it's residents who want our fiber service. We hope to begin construction to them very soon. So while it may take multiple homeowners near you to register their interest, we do encourage you to be the first! Then encourage your neighbors! We do watch the maps on this site to see where the interest lies and that does help formulate where we consider building fiber (outside of our current service area - which on the residential side must be our priority). Thank you again.

    BTC Broadband - mark chumbley

    12:38pm June 20, 2018

    mark chumbley


    BTC Broadband - Isaac Hatcher

    11:01am June 15, 2018

    Isaac Hatcher

    We really need options in West Tulsa... ATT is a joke, and Cox is a thief and upload speeds are a joke. If I campaign all the West Highlands near 71st and 33rd Street... Is it even possible that BTC could build in this area? Or are there other, government/communistic restrictions on where you are allowed to offer service? BTC would be a breath of fresh air for our communities.

    BTC Broadband - BTC Broadband

    9:27pm April 18, 2018

    BTC Broadband
    Campaign Owner

    Hi Scott, There are many factors (economic, geographic and otherwise) that influence where we place residential fiber. For the last decade or so, that has primarily been new construction developments.

    BTC Broadband - Scott Henderson

    8:59pm April 18, 2018

    Scott Henderson

    Will there ever be fiber at the Links Apartments , just down the street from your office?

    BTC Broadband - BTC Broadband

    10:32am March 8, 2018

    BTC Broadband
    Campaign Owner

    Hello Wade, Our plan is to begin fiber construction in your area next quarter (as in, sometime in the next several months). We will update this site when we have a more definitive date! Thank you!

    BTC Broadband - Wade Zickefoose

    8:26pm March 5, 2018

    Wade Zickefoose

    Hi BTC, I’m excited to hear how the board meeting regarding 161st and Peoria went!

    BTC Broadband - BTC Broadband

    1:52pm February 9, 2018

    BTC Broadband
    Campaign Owner

    Hi and thank you for reaching out. We are constantly looking at options and do keep Bartlesville residential in mind. We don’t have any immediate plans for your area but….we are looking at technology changes which might make it more practical to overbuild existing neighborhoods and hope to know more in the Spring. So in the meantime, keep encouraging folks to register on this site! And also keep an eye on the “updates” tab (also on this site). Thank you again.

    BTC Broadband - John Watson

    1:01pm February 9, 2018

    John Watson

    I've been campaigning for my neighborhood in Bartlesville, OK. We only have 2 options for high speed internet. AT&T Uverse is horrible in our neighborhood (3Mx768k) and then there's CableOne... Wondering if there is anything else I can do to get the word out or at least a option posted for Future Builds and I would love to campaign to get another provider into my neighborhood and now a bunch who would switch.

    BTC Broadband - BTC Broadband

    2:00pm January 22, 2018

    BTC Broadband
    Campaign Owner

    Hi Blake, Thanks for registering your interest on this site! And yes, we do know about the Cable company’s recent data cap enforcement and will be responding accordingly. Stay tuned for good news on that subject very, very soon.

    BTC Broadband - Blake Barnhouse

    8:43pm January 20, 2018

    Blake Barnhouse

    Wade, agree to disagree. While you make a valid point (not any options for high speed internet where you live) the population density I was referring to is very low (limits possible monthly revenue for this company). My neighborhood is serviced by BTC (via DSL) but not by fiber, however across the street is serviced by fiber. Lastly for BTC, it's frustrating to see the billboard that Bixby is the first fiber city in Oklahoma, but where I live (The Park at Southwood) I am surrounded by fiber going to other neighborhoods. Cox recently started enforcing data caps for all customers (pay $10 for each 50 GB over 1 TB), while your most expensive plan does not have those restrictions. Perhaps if you started advertising that to your potential customers, more people would show interest in paying for fiber services.

    BTC Broadband - BTC Broadband

    9:34am December 14, 2017

    BTC Broadband
    Campaign Owner

    Thank you Wade! Appreciate your comment. Your area is a great example of neighbors banding together and using this site to let us know that most all of you would like our fiber Internet. In fact, we are working as we speak on the internal processes and timing toward building fiber to you all. Our Customer Service folks will personally be in touch with each of you soon to relay more information!

    BTC Broadband - Wade Zickefoose

    10:54pm December 13, 2017

    Wade Zickefoose

    Blake Barnhouse, not sure which HOA you are in but almost every nook and cranny of Bixby has access to some form of high speed internet with speeds up to 100mb/s. BTC expanding into my area has been long awaited. For all of us “cattle” our here on Peoria, an att hotspot that is unreliable and at best can maybe pull 20mb/s is our best option for internet. So I would like to say thank you BTC for considering our area to expand into. You will definitely have a happy customer here.

    BTC Broadband - BTC Broadband

    4:25pm November 20, 2017

    BTC Broadband
    Campaign Owner

    Thank you for reaching out Blake. There are many, many factors (economic and otherwise) that influence where we place fiber (for residential and/or for business service). For the last decade or so, our residential fiber builds have primarily been new construction developments. As far as residential service in Haskell, we were approached by so many people there we are giving it a serious look. We currently provide business service to a good part of the town so our fiber is already there. This website is the best way for us to gauge where the fiber interest is. We encourage you to register your interest and please also feel free to share our Facebook post (from Nov. 8) or the link on our website to your friends and neighbors so they can register their interest and let us know!

    BTC Broadband - Blake Barnhouse

    10:04pm November 19, 2017

    Blake Barnhouse

    I'm not sure why you are running fiber to Haskell (and 161st and Peoria for that matter) which is like a 15 mile fiber span south of the river when the largest HOA (400+ homes) in Bixby doesn't have fiber in our neighborhood. I guess the cattle need to surf facebook. Not trying to be too snarky, but I'm not sure what the holdup is here. By the time you decide to run fiber we will have gigabit service from the monopoly phone company (Cox).

    BTC Broadband - BTC Broadband

    4:54pm October 31, 2017

    BTC Broadband
    Campaign Owner

    Hi Joy, We were sorry to see you are not in our fiber area. When an address is entered on the main page, it must be entered exactly in that any shortcut may result in an incorrect plotting by Google Maps. Tulsa/BA addresses are sensitive like that! Adding a simple "nd" after your street number plots your home at the correct location on the map (which is not in our service area). In any case, thank you for registering! The more people who register the more we know where the highest fiber interest is.

    BTC Broadband - Joy Bruza

    3:18pm October 31, 2017

    Joy Bruza

    I entered my address and it said that your service was available in my area. However when I click on the Fiber areas tab my area is not included. I hope that if it's not available now it will be soon. 131 street and Elm in Broken Arrow.

    BTC Broadband - Saundra Abelar

    12:49am October 30, 2017

    Saundra Abelar

    When I read your information it seames to me that you get more for your money than you do with Cox Cable. But I don't know if you have larger packages or a lot of smaller ones like Cox Cable does. Or if you have a combination of both large and small package deals. Co x Cable has both,but more of the smaller package deals.

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    Service Area, Non Fiber

    Jason Schwemmer

    Service Area, Non Fiber

    Diana Pineda


    mattthew Harrison

    Business Potential Fiber Tulsa 74145, 74146

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    Service Area, Fiber To The Home

    Alan Perkins


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