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Our Products
Residential Internet

Fiber Internet- Prime


60 Mbps is great for video and music streaming/downloads, online gaming, and browsing the internet on up to 4-5 devices at the same time.

60 Mbps download/upload speed

*Restrictions apply.

Fiber Internet- Whole Flippin' Cow


100 Mbps is great for streaming HD videos, online gaming, and sharing large files on up to 5-6 devices at the same time. 

100 Mbps download/upload speeds

*Restrictions apply. 

Fiber Internet-The 300


300 Mbps is great for streaming live TV, downloading shows or movies without delay, and online gaming with multi-players on up to 6-8 devices at the same time

300 Mbps download/upload speeds.

*Restrictions apply. 

Fiber Internet- The Big Gig


1,000 Mbps is perfect for today's ultra connected household. There is no limit to what you can do with Gigabit internet. Every person in your household can enjoy lag-free online gaming, heavy streaming, and ultra-fast downloads on multiple devices at the same time. 

1,000 Mbps download/upload speeds

*Restrictions apply.

Commercial Fiber Internet

50 Mbps/10 Mbps

Best for typical business use

*Restrictions apply.  

75 Mbps/10 Mbps

Best for businesses needing faster transfer speeds and additional download throughput.

*Restrictions apply. 

100 Mbps/40 Mbps

Best for business power users that also need faster upload transfer speeds

*Restrictions apply. 

200 Mbps/40 Mbps

Best for business power uses that require premium download and upload transfer speeds

*Restrictions Apply.

200 Mbps up to 1 GB

For speeds above 200 Mbps contact a business sales rep at (918) 366-8000.

*Restrictions apply.

Commercial Telephone

Commercial Telephone Service

Includes: caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, call forwarding, anonymous call rejection, speed dial options, do not disturb, hunt groups, call park, auto recall, auto callback, call transfer.

Multi-line discounts and reduced LD rates when purchased in bulk.

Multi-Location Data Networking

Multi-Location Data Network

Customized for your business needs.

Hosted Business Phone Systems

BTC Cloud Communications

Fully managed, enterprise-grade phone system with the latest cloud-based technology. 

Add Ons

Other Advanced Services

Includes:  Fax Mail and Conference Bridge

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